What to Do with Roosters

If you buy chicks, the chance of ending up with roosters it decent. Even buying sexed chicks at the farm store isn’t 100%. So what to do with roosters?

If you live in an area that permits roosters, they are fun to own. Assuming they aren’t Satan’s spawn, a rooster can be a wonderful part of your flock. Their beautiful plumage and funny mannerisms make them an entertaining part of your flock.

But if the rooster begins to attack, or you cannot have roosters where you live, what do you do then?

One solution is food. A rooster that’s younger than a year makes a great stew bird. Remove the noggin, pluck the feathers (or just skin him), and gut. Then a couple of hours in the stew pot gives you tender meat and the most amazing broth you’ll ever enjoy.

Our Sussex and Orpingtons are both considered great dual-purpose birds. The hens are great layers and the roosters make a nice meaty carcass. We specifically chose these birds as excellent homestead birds.

If you’re uncomfortable dressing out a rooster or simply do not want to, we do accept roosters as food. You’ll need to reach out to us and set up a time for drop-off.

If you buy chicks from us, most likely you’ll be buying them as “straight-run” which just means unsexed. We have a rooster buy-back program for any chicks that start to crow. You’ll receive a receipt with your purchase of chicks and when they make themselves known as roosters, just reach out to us. We’ll either give you a full refund or replace them with more chicks if available.

So what do to with roosters in Miami County? Bring them to us!