Guinea Fowl

If you love weird birds, loud sudden noises, clumsy, low-flying “things, and hate ticks… Guinea fowl are the birds for you!

Guinea fowl are probably some of the craziest birds we have around here. I both love and hate them.

We bought our farmstead in the fall of 2018. 6.5 acres of land, 3/4 of which had grown up into weeds and young woods. We had our work cut out for us. By spring 2019, we learned something very unpleasant. Our property was INFESTED with ticks.

A short walk in the wooded area, even if we stayed on the paths we’d mowed would result in dozens of ticks visibly climbing up our clothes. Just being in the yard around the house resulted in ticks getting on us. We even started finding ticks in our house.

That summer was a horrible, tick-filled nightmare.

Early in 2020, before the world locked down, we bought chicks AND guinea fowl. That summer was also pretty terrible with ticks, but by fall they had noticeably declined.

And that was the last summer we had any sort of a real issue with ticks.

Guineas prefer bugs. In the summertime, they hardly touch the grain we put out. Instead we often see them in pairs out back. Spaced about 3 feet from each other, they work the area like a grid. Straight back, across, back some more, turn, and towards the house.

Guinea fowl eggs are incredibly rich and lend a cheesy texture to scrambled eggs. The birds themselves are also great for eating.

How to Order Guinea Fowl eggs or keets.

Guinea keets (chicks) are hatched on order. Eggs are also sold for hatching or eating.

Our guinea fowl come in 2 colors. Pearl Grey and Lavender. Most pearl grey keets will also carry the lavender gene.

Eggs are $15 a dozen, and the keets are $5 each if picked up on the farm. We only ship the eggs at this time.

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