Farmer’s Market Items

Because feeding our family wholesome and healthy foods is the number one priority around here, those are also the items we will most likely have available for purchase. Stamy Acre’s farmer’s market items are on an “order ahead basis” which means you’ll use the contact form below to schedule a pickup time.

Throughout the year we have various items available for purchase. These change based on seasons but we try to keep the list updated.

Farmer’s Market Items and Availablity

  • Chicken eggs $4 a dozen *Generally available
  • Quail eggs $3 a dozen *Generally available
  • Duck eggs $6 a dozen * Generally available
  • Honey: out of stock until May/June
  • Rabbit Meat $7.50 a pound *Generally available
  • Rooster Meat $7.50 a pound *Generally available
  • Seedling starts $2 each *Available in April/May
  • Non-GMO ornamental popcorn *Available in October

Fill out the form below to check on availability and schedule a pickup!

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If you prefer communication via text you may bypass this form and text me directly at 937-216-4304 Or enter your number above and I’ll reach out via text as soon as possible.