Coturnix Quail

Coturnix Quail Adults in their cage.
Coturnix Quail Adults

Coturnix quail are small gamebirds originating from Aisa, sometimes called Japanese Quail. They are easy to raise and simple to house. The hens lay eggs at just 6-8 weeks old.

Coturnix quail roosters dress out around 5 ounces at 8 weeks and are highly nutritious. Quail meat contains high-quality protein, and is higher in vitamin C and iron than chicken meat. It also contains vitamin A and is a good source of selenium, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Quail eggs are also a great source of selenium, iron, zinc, amino acids, and many vitamins like A and B12. They are also a great choice for those with egg allergies. Most of our regular quail egg customers are unable to eat regular eggs and love quail eggs as a healthy and nutritious alternative.

2 week old coturnix quail chicks

Where to Buy Coturnix Quail

If you are local to our Troy Ohio farmstead, we offer quail eggs year-round. These eggs can be eaten, or you can buy Coturnix quail hatching eggs to incubate and raise your own flock. We also offer quail chicks and even adults on occasion throughout the year.

While they are hardy little birds, the eggs and chicks are very fragile. For this reason, we do not ship quail eggs, chicks or adults at this time. If you are not local to our farm in Troy, Myshire Farms does ship and they offer high-quality stock. Our original birds came from Myshire Farms.

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