Coronation and Light Sussex Chickens

Large, light Sussex rooster and hens with Coronation Sussex hens.

Coronation and Light Sussex chickens are a dual-purpose breed of chicken known for their large size and gentle behavior. Our customers have sent us photos of our birds riding on their shoulders, eating from their hands, and generally just doing what this large friendly breed does best which is… being friendly!

We started with a small flock of Coronation Sussex in 2021. To improve both the size and feather quality of our Coronation Sussex flock we brought in a Light Sussex hen from Greenfire Farms in the fall of 2022. From her, we now have a gorgeous large Light Sussex rooster that carries the Coronation (lavender) gene.

Our flock now consists of this Light Sussex Rooster, and both light (that carrier the lavender gene) and coronation Sussex hens. Eggs hatch from our Sussex flock will result in both Coronation and Light Sussex chicks.

At 18 weeks, our Sussex roosters generally dress out at 3-4 pounds each, while the pullets begin laying at roughly 20-22 weeks. They are good layers and give around 200 large light brown, or peach-tinted eggs each year.

We have discovered that our Sussex hens tend to begin their molt and stop laying around the end of August and we don’t see any eggs from them until November when we bring all the birds into the barn for the winter. Our barn has lights and as their molt has finished by this time, the lights trigger them to begin laying again.

Buy Coronation and Light Sussex chicks or hatching eggs.

During the early spring through late summer months, we have Coronation and Light Sussex hatching eggs and chicks available for purchase.

Please understand that you will get BOTH Coronation and Light Sussex chicks in your order. Light Sussex chicks may or may not carry the Coronation (lavender) gene.

All orders are prepaid only. To order either chicks or eggs you will contact our farm first, and we’ll let you know the expected time frame, finalize your order and send an invoice via PayPal, or set up a custom item in our shop for you to purchase.

Hatching eggs are $45 a dozen if you pick them up from the farm. Assuming the weather is favorable, eggs can be shipped for $65 a dozen.

Chicks are $7 each. If shipping is needed, a minimum of 10 chicks must be ordered (can be any of our available breeds), and shipping fees are $55 for a maximum of 20 chicks. Chicks will not be shipped if the weather is not favorable.

*Eggs or chicks will be shipped at the time agreed upon after payment is received. If for some reason a hatch goes awry and the number of chicks you ordered isn’t available, we will either offer any of our other available chicks in replacement OR we can refund you for the missing chicks.

If the order drops below the minimum for shipping, we will need to either sub in a different breed or we can cancel your entire order. You will be notified before chicks or eggs ship and given a tracking number as well.

NPIP #31-1657

*Local buyer? Check out our rooster buyback program!

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